Which Flexi For You?

Flexi Vintro is the ultimate binding for prolonged expeditions in extreme cold. It doesn't use any mechanical components (such as ratchet buckles), just a tried and tested webbing boot harness that stands up to everything (and is used by the US military). Vintro is available in regular and wide width and can be used with almost any flexible-soled boot.


Flexi Sinch is similar to Vintro, instead using buckles mounted on webbing stems and ladder straps. Tested on prolonged South Pole and Greenland journeys we recommend Sinch for any land-ice expedition, and we use them on our North Pole last degree trips. Sinch is our easiest binding to step into, is available in regular and wide width and suited to almost any flexible-soled boot.

Flexi PLATEAU Polar Ski Binding

Flexi Plateau is a unique binding designed to suit any flexible soled footwear, from a polar boot to a running shoe. Using the same plastic plates we use in our Ultima System, we've dispensed with the sidewalls and used a strap system to keep your boots housed securely. It's lightweight, easy to use and robust.



Flexi Ski Bindings are not the most durable bindings in the world by accident; the more features and adjustability in a binding the more prone it is to failure. By eliminating movable parts we maximise strength and durability under extreme conditions.

REGULAR- Our regular-width Sinch and Vintro bindings fit most standard womens boots and up to large mens. Our regular bindings are designed for Baffin Guide Pro, Alfa A.P.S and whole range of other appropriately dimensioned expedition/winter boots.

WIDE - Our wide-width Sinch and Vintro bindings suit specialist boots such as Baffin Impact or XXL mens boots.

NARROW - Flexi Plateau bindings can be configured to fit small or narrow boots, and boots with an irregular shape (eg. wide at the front and narrow at the back).

How to measure up

First, measure your boot-sole width at 2 places (see diagram below).

For Vintro, Sinch and Paramark (Paramark has been discontinued)

  • measure A width of your sole 60mm forward of the back of the heel
  • measure B width of your sole 200mm forward of the back of the heel

For Plateau

  • measure C width of your sole 30mm forward of the back of the heel
  • measure D width of your sole 210mm forward of the back of the heel

Check the measurements agains the Chart of Specifications to determine whether you require Regular or Wide width (Plateau bindings are configurable for all widths).

Flexi Bindings Specs Table


Bespoke service

We will modify your Flexi binding to suit your boot-width characteristics. Fee $80.

Enquire today.

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