The best of Australian cold-climate adventures

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Australia boasts some of the most pristine World Heritage areas on Earth, with the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, covering almost 20% of the State, satisfying more criteria for selection than any other World Heritage property.

Kosciuszco National Park, the location for our winter trips, is the highest park in Australia and includes our highest peak and one of the Seven Summits, Mt Kosciuszco (2228m). These winter trips are awesome standalone adventures but also offer perfect training experiences for those with polar ambitions in mind.

Why don't you join us for your first, or next, Australian adventure.

Icetrek Kosciuszco Polar Training Traversing

Australian Alps Winter Advanced

Trek across the roof of Australia
Icetrek Kosciuszco Polar Training In Trees

Australian Alps Winter Novice

Learn winter travel and camping skills
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