#9: A superb trip

2019-03-30 08:55:06am
The finale of our trip was not a just ending to a superb adventure that was undertaken with skill and joy by every member. My injured leg was severe enough to require an extraction by over-snow vehicle (but recoverable for my upcoming North Pole last degree trip). We camped at the very location I went over the edge which happened to be the only flat spot in the chasm. Overnight the wind apparently howled like no other, though I was oblivious to it. This expedition had a real exploratory feel to it, we covered ground that I doubt many people have traversed, and far from the hoards of snowmobiles. Though many of our strides were in whiteout this made the seeable parts even sweeter, like glimpses into another world. Thanks to Ingrid, Robin, Heath and Mardi for being such wonderful expedition members and friends, each of you naturals in this environment. I’ll have the pleasure of travelling with Mardi again in another week as we venture to the top of the world, but I would in a heartbeat share the polar world with any of these hardy and fun people. Thank you!
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