#5: blizz day

2019-03-26 07:17:20am
On reaching camp yesterday I made the decision to set up both small tents, a call borne out by the fierce blizzard that swamped us overnight. So Ingrid, Heath and Mardi crammed in placing the stove in the vestibule and as a result keeping Mardi up late melting snow for 3 while providing no heat to dry damp clothing. At the height of the storm in the morning I crawled over and popped my head in to see three smiling faces amongst the dankness. Later they rearranged and shifted the stove into the tent to dry out. Robin and I fared much better though slept poorly. Thankfully the blizzard raged on and we remained embedded on the snow, drifts forming all around, while we dozed throughout the day. By dusk the storm had abated and a golden sky faded to darkness. Judging by the forecast we have a challenging time ahead with cloud and snow though winds won’t be increasing for another few days. Temps down to -25c. Eric
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