#8: rubbish weather continues

2019-03-29 08:15:12am
Shortly after posting the blog last night a strong wind blew down the glacier and blasted our large Altai tent in 3 hour cycles. Light winds were forecast overnight so these winds are likely a local effect. After digging out the sleds once again we headed down the misty Vendom Valley to spill out in Sassendalen once again, all the while pelted by driving snow. We got back into a polar stride marching to Eskerdalen. Unfortunately the poor contrast hid a drop in front of me and I plunged 2m into a ditch, tearing my hamstring as I landed in a stretched out telemark stance. I was lucky not to be clobbered by my sled. Disabled, I watched as the team expertly set up camp and Mardi ushered me into the large tent with mattress, sleeping bag and pain killers. Not entirely certain what lies in store for tomorrow. To be continued... Eric
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Svalbard Expedition 2019

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