#6: mixed bag

2019-03-27 07:42:38am
Our fifth day already! It feels like the time has flown by! Today was spectacular, and we had a bit of everything really, slow uphill, contouring around smooth undulating hills, clambering over sastrugi-ish snow, whizzing downhill on our sleds, and finally picking lines through rocky sections of moraine. The weather seemed to match our day well, a bit of everything. When we emerged from the tent, the skies were super clear and still, but about half an hour in we were hit with an icy wind to the face. The wind disappeared in perfect time for lunch, leaving us to take in the beauty of the mountains and fully enjoy our noodles and hot chocolate. Clouds began to drift over after lunch and eventually we said goodbye to the sun. We were greeted with falling snow as we arrived at camp, and now as we sit in the tents, the fog has closed in and visibility is low. We’ve marked out the rest of our route on the GPS, in case we have more days of low visibility. Fingers crossed for good weather though, as our next few days skiing through the mountains look to be particularly speccy! Following the lazy rest day yesterday everybody seemed to be feeling refreshed and in high spirits, and after a day full of epic views and smiles all round, we sit cosy and warm in our tents as happy adventurers. Mardi
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