#7: challenging day

2019-03-28 07:58:44am
The morning light was enchanting as we skied over the terminal moraine of Ellenbein glacier and onto Sveig Glacier. To the south we could make out frozen Agardh Bay and further on a water sky revealing the open water beyond. We trudged up Sveig as shards of light penetrated the cloud from time to time, playing a diffused light over the landscape and showing the way to Hellefonna, a small ice plateau north of the glacier. We peeled off Sveig half way up and slogged up a long and steep embankment to finally arrive at a waypoint Mardi and I marked the previous evening. We’d plotted the route up and over Hellefonna and down Jinn Glacier in the event we got socked in and boy did we. This stretch we did purely with compass and waypoints with visibility down to a few metres. Thankfully we entered our waypoints well and camped at 6.30pm for our 6th night, at the base of Jinn Glacier with a powerful local wind hammering the tents. We covered around 15km of hard won ground. What an awesome team. Eric
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