#11: Back towards civilisation

2022-03-13 06:39:37am
Out of necessity we pitched camp next to the snowmobile road and had passersby until 10pm, snowmobilers heading out to remote cabins on a Friday night. The temperature dropped to -20C overnight, finally giving us a taste of Arctic cold. Mardi captured a spectacular 6am sunrise on her phone. The light this time of year is truly spectacular and our shadows extend to 30m long at dusk and dawn. The road gives us good mileage but it’s nicer off track so I took a punt on a detour I’d wanted to test for some time. It didn’t work out but as a result we found a gorgeous narrow gully that led us back to Adventdalen and the snowmobile road. We followed it for another 10km before camping 5km short of our pickup point, Camp Barentz. Tents up, stoves lit, like clockwork. Tonight I have Simon with me in the circus tent, good company, like everyone else on the team.
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