#6: blizzard

2022-03-08 08:15:27am
Emma would like to report she used her pee bottle for the first time. Little milestones! On skis by 9.30am, we headed for the northern flank of Rabot glacier but a huge partially frozen lake stopped us in our tracks and we were forced to change plan. Heading back across Sassen valley some demonic blasts of wind slammed us and half the team were on their arses, giggling in delight at the power of nature. In worsening weather we groped up Fulmar Valley for a couple of k’s with the wind continuing to strengthen. By the time we set up camp a blizzard was raging around us, forcing wet snow into every nook and cranny. But the team are now well versed in tent pitching and did a marvellous job at securing a tent at a time. We’re now snuggled down and the wind is dropping off. I’m sharing a tent with Lorna and Simon, both climbers and endurance athletes. They, and all others, seem to be enjoying everything Svalbard is throwing at them.
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