#8: up and over

2022-03-10 06:55:21am
Our camp half way up the glacier gave us a head start skiing steeply up onto Hellefonna, a small icecap between Fulmar and Vendom valleys. But visibility turned to crap and we were guided by scant sightings of valley walls among the white abyss. A steep climb took us to 700m elevation where we turned east and headed blindly across snow plains to the top of Jinn glacier where we are now camped. At lunch we spotted a ptarmigan nearby and it came to visit us before flying into the cloud. By the time we arrived in camp we were all coated in rime from the mist. Setting up camp is always an industrious but happy affair with lots of laughing and carrying on. Each night we change tent partners so there’s always some shuffling of group equipment until everyone is fully equipped. Tonight I’m sharing with Lorna and Helen. A crescent moon is trying to appear through the murk.
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