#3: high camp

2024-03-30 06:05:00am
The temperature dropped to -30.2°C as we packed up our sunless camp and it was a big relief to warm up while climbing the steep valley to Scott Turnerbreen (glacier). Our first break in the bright sunshine was heavenly. A steady stream of dog teams passed us with their payload of tourists sitting aboard the sleds. A very chilly ride no doubt. The surrounding mountains began to come into view, crystal clear under the blue sky, but the best vista came from our campsite high on Scott Turnerbreen. We arrived by early afternoon and set up camp before lunching under the sun by the end of which our toes had chilled miserably. We skied down to an ice cave on the edge of the glacier and crawled in where it was slightly warmer inside and our feet came back to life. With head lamps glowing we shimmied through the grotto photographing the myriad crystals growing from the ceiling. I’m in a tent by myself as I have a nasty cold and don’t want anyone else infected. Warm and cosy inside with the stove chuffing away. Eric
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Svalbard Polar Primer 2024

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