#2: into Bolterdalen

2024-03-29 07:01:00am
From our bus drop off we skied south along Bolterdalen valley floor. There wasn’t much to see as low cloud hung over the region and the air filled with occasional flurries of snow. A steady stream of mushers passed us, this valley being popular for dogsled excursions to the ice cave at the base of Scott Turnerbreen (glacier). The last couple of years Mardi did some work for local firm Green Dogs as a dog handler. Thankfully the wind died off as we stopped for lunch and we enjoyed a leisurely break in the -10C. Hot noodles with melted cheese. Nom! After lunch we began climbing a little and meandered our way to a flat camping site at the base of a steep climb to the glacier. Tents went up pretty quickly considering it’s the first night and before long the perimeter face was constructed and stoves began purring. Photo is of the valley busy with dogsledders and skiers
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Svalbard Polar Primer 2024

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