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Flexi Ski Bindings

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Two Flexi Bindings in One

Our Ultima System allows the swift interchange of boot harnesses to accommodate variations in boot, terrain and gradient. The Ultima Bundle comes with everything required to build a pair of Vintro or Sinch bindings, including:

  • 1 pair of Ultima Base (you just need to select Regular or Wide. How to choose)
  • 1 pair of mounting plates
  • 1 pair of Multi-Shims
  • 1 pair of heel shims
  • 1 pair of heel plates
  • 1 pair of Vintro strap systems
  • 1 pair of webbing Sinch toe straps with attached ratchet buckles and stoppers
  • 1 pair of webbing Sinch ankle straps with attached ratchet buckles
  • 1 pair each of regular and long ladder straps
  • 4 Bolster spacers
  • 26 binding screws

Please note that the Flexi Ultima Bundle allows you to assemble one complete model at a time.

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The Flexi Ultima Bundle is built on Flexi's Ultima System, a revolutionary concept in ski touring bindings. Click here for a full range of Ultima System features.

Flexi Ultima Total Exploded

Shipping weight: 3.5kg / 7.7lb

Minimum ski waist width required: 45mm

Made in: Australia

Flexi Vintro Strap Set

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Flexi Ultima Mounting Screws - 15mm

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