#7: can it get any tougher

2023-03-10 06:23:01am
We had -24c overnight and a pounding wind from the north. Packing up camp was a testing chore but completed with skill. This team has really gelled, working together, finding solutions, supporting each other. Mardi led the steep climb to the pass above Sveig glacier which warmed us up but on top we lost all visibility. Thankfully the wind blasts were behind us at that point and I inched us across to the top of Såte glacier. Using sling brakes under our sleds we descended gingerly, using the fall of the slope to find the best line. We quickly pitched two tents for lunch, thankful for the shelter, before making our way down the final section of the glacier. Some simple moraine fields led us to a broad valley, Oppdalen, on which we’re now camped. So strange to have light winds on the tent. Super impressed with everyone today. A lot could have turned pear shaped but everyone kept it together.
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