#10: final day

2023-03-13 08:57:00am
Overnight the wind blew relentlessly and smothered our camp with yet another fresh layer of spindrift…more digging! But, at least the visibility had improved and the mountains flanking the sides of Reindalen began to reveal themselves. Beautiful. The freshly scoured surface was a joy to ski on and we enjoyed two sessions of excellent skiing, cameras and phones snapping every new vista and reindeer. Our typically single-file line of skiers branched out into a side-by-side formation and I could hear happy banter between this wonderful team. They endured more bad weather and fewer views than any other expedition we've guided here and yet they remained upbeat, confident and happy, and have learned so much. I’ve loved every moment and it’s wonderful to know that all of them are ready for any polar trip they set their mind on. Just before midday Stein arrive in the Hagglunds and we quickly strapped our sleds onto the trailer, jumped inside and headed back to town on a 3 hour ride. Thanks team! Happy adventures!
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