#9: on the move again

2023-03-12 06:23:22am
A 5am start had us on the trail at 8.30am as we spent a lot of time digging out the camp. Some fleeting alpenglow on the mountains got us excited but it lasted just a few minutes before murky low cloud set in again, and persisted all day. We skied out of Oppdalen and over a low pass to Reindalen where we could barely make out big mountains flanking the valley. We passed a few pingos and some reindeer feeding from scant grass. Stacy’s badly blistered heels needed some TLC on a couple of occasions and she stoically plodded on to an early camp, the team having covered 17km. Wind is battering our tents again. I’m in with Baz. Tomorrow we continue down the valley to meet Stein and the Hagglunds that will take us back to Longyearbyen.
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