#4: getting higher

2023-03-07 05:27:01am
Windy again overnight but calmed by morning. The valley was bathed in an inky blue with alpenglow on the mountain tops, stunning. We packed and skied to the entrance to Fulmar valley which we ascended all day. Lunch was a bitterly cold affair with not many words spoken as people grappled with the reality of polar travel. But once on the move blood flowed back to extremities and smiles emerged once again. We found a campsite nestled at the base of Marmor glacier though somewhat exposed to the northerly coming up the valley. We set up sled walls once again and feel secure in our respective tents, Anh and Hoang, Stacy and Bill, Nick and Jean-Luc, Mardi and Baz, Will and me. Five happy tents!
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