#7: Another challenging day

2023-03-23 06:04:00am
Although we woke with sun on the tents the day progressively deteriorated. We skied over to Eskerdalen and followed the snowmobile road for a few km before stopping for lunch. By then a chilly wind from the west had cooled us and we set up one tent and climbed in with our food bag, thermos and foam seat pad. On emerging the wind had strengthened bringing with it blowing snow. For an hour we groped through the murk into Adventdalen where we turned south and headed for the base of Dron glacier where I discovered an ice cave a few years ago. The intention was to camp early among the moraine and go explore but by then we wanted nothing more than to get the tents up and climb in. My only photo for the day is a reindeer, of which many dotted the landscape, so I just snapped the view from my tent door showing Duncan and my snowy sleds and a couple of posts from our polar bear fence.
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Svalbard Expedition #2 2023

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