#4: day of discovery

2023-03-20 07:14:00am
We enjoyed a relatively warm night, able to sleep with faces exposed to the air instead of tucked into our sleeping bags. A grey dawn turned mostly clear by mid morning as we skied through the moraine field of Rabot glacier. We dumped sleds and explored a gully on the flank of the glacier where we found a beautiful exposed ice face full of cracks and hues of aquamarine. It kept us captivated for a good We suspect that very few people know of this face as it’s quite out of the way. Unable to continue on our planned ascent to Nordmannsfonna we did a loop of the lower glacier and skied back into Sassen valley, now camped at Fulmar valley exit. Predicted winds building to 32kmh were due late afternoon but so far it’s windless. Happy to keep it that way.
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Svalbard Expedition #2 2023

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