#6: day 6

2023-03-22 06:31:00am
It was another -36°c night but more tolerable than our first one, everyone now well accustomed to warding off chills. A hot water bottle Nalgene of boiling water inside an OR cosy oozes warmth most of the night, luxe! In the night I heard the pingo (a conical mound of earth-covered ice caused by permafrost uplift) emitting a squealing sound, I guess a release of pressure from upwelling forces. For a few years I’ve wanted to explore Trehøgd valley that runs between Esker and Vendom and we set off at 9.30 for the initial climb. But after 1km we met what looked like an impasse where we unhitched sleds and continued on foot up a steep narrow gulley until it swung north. The valley proper was blocked by an unscalable drift so we headed back down to Vendom and into Sassen. Now camped near Eskerfossen, 2 days out from Longyearbyen.
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