#5: polar plod

2023-03-21 06:22:00am
We all enjoyed another warm night of -15°C. The morning sessions were a challenge with many of us finding it difficult to regulate our temperature, going too often from hot to cold. For lunch we pitched a tent and all 7 sat inside protected from the chilly breeze. We were in polar plod mode today, skiing down Sassen valley and up Vendom valley, watching the surrounding mountains emerge from the clouds and light up with afternoon sun. Ed and Akshay did a session each up front, it’s nice to have the landscape unfold without others ahead. We’re now camped in the lee of a pingo in Vendomdalen, poised to ski an obscure valley to Eskerdalen. In for a cold few nights, all in the low minus twenties.
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Svalbard Expedition #2 2023

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