#2: warmer

2023-03-18 06:44:00am
It’s always an anxious night for a guide when day 1 of a trip brings such edgy conditions. We recorded -36c when we stopped to camp last night and hoped people would sleep warmly through the night. Thankfully they did, their double layer sleeping bags and minimum 6 R-value sleeping pads made certain of that. But there’s so much that can go wrong when it drops to bone-chilling temps. The next morning, as temperatures started to abate, Liz left the trip with some mildly nipped fingers, joining a Hagglunds oversnow that was coming out to pick up another group that evacuated due to the cold. After a few hours of skiing up Sassen valley we recorded a balmy -12c and made camp in a strengthening wind. We miss you Liz! Photos of todays camp and Mardi becoming one with Eskerfossen, shot yesterday.
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Svalbard Expedition #2 2023

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