#19: a long day!

2022-05-30 12:32:40pm
The storm lingered longer than we expected, and after pushing back our start a few times already this morning, at almost midday we decided we needed to make a break for it. It was still a full on blizzard outside, no visibility, horizontal snow and 60kph winds! We packed up camp with exceptional care, knowing that one wrong move and our tents could disappear in a split second. Skiing off into the blizzard, we could feel already that it would be a long day. The wind didn’t really ease up until around 5pm, but even then the contrast and visibility remained very low making it tricky to navigate. As the weather continued to improve, we skied on into the evening, arriving at camp at 10:10pm having covered 20km, a mammoth effort for such a day! Dinner is cooking and bed is calling! Night! Mardi
  • Name: camp19
  • Elevation: 2451m
  • Latitude: 66.31861111
  • Longitude: -43.63722222
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