#9: Making progress!

2022-05-20 10:13:05am
Another stellar day, and we managed to travel over 22 kms, a new best! We seem to be travelling further each day, no doubt our bodies getting fitter and our sleds getting lighter. The weather report suggests that there is some interesting weather on the way, with strong winds and snow forecast for Sunday. As a result we will try and capitalise on the next few days of good weather, getting as close to DYE II as possible. I have unfortunately come down with the relentless cough that Susan has been battling the last 5 days. Fingers crossed it’s over for us both soon! We are hoping for a little break to rest and recover while the bad weather comes through. We have climbed over 1000 metres already, over half way to the ‘summit’ point of our expedition! We have been having some beautiful sunset glows lately (for those who are up late enough to see them!). Mardi
  • Name: camp9
  • Elevation: 1729m
  • Latitude: 66.75833333
  • Longitude: -47.49888889
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