#26: Home stretch!

2022-06-06 10:58:24am
Well, we are on the home stretch now! It was very windy this morning, so we slept in and left camp at around midday. The surface is icy, so we are getting good glide, but it is bumpy terrain and we are often traversing slopes, so it is very balancey skiing. We caught our first glimpse of mountains and ocean today! The first hint was a tiny little dark triangle on the horizon, the peak of a mountain. An hour later we got a distant view down to the coast on our right hand side, little white blocks sitting amongst the sea ice, icebergs! We skied until 9pm and have set up camp to rest for a few hours and melt some snow for water. We have just 40km to go, we will leave camp at 2am and make our way down to the coast tomorrow where we will be picked up by boat. After almost a month on this icecap, it’s almost hard to believe it’s going to end! Mardi
  • Name: camp26
  • Elevation: 1377m
  • Latitude: 65.90750000
  • Longitude: -39.19861111
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