#12: Rest and recovery

2022-05-24 12:26:50am
Yesterday, as planned, we had a restful day! Napping, listening to music, recovering, doing little repairs to our gear. By late afternoon the wind had died down, and so we ventured out to cover some distance. We skied from 5:30pm - 10:30pm in total whiteout, staying close together so as not to become separated. At one point the sky opened up above us, and we could see the clouds lit up with evening light, all the while we were blind in the snowy blizzard at ground level! Just as we stopped to set up camp, the visibility cleared slightly and we caught a glimpse of DYE II, about 11km away. Today we are doing much the same as the weather forecast is similar to yesterday, wind and snow in the morning, dying down later in the day. We will head out some time this afternoon and explore DYE II this evening. I headed out around last night to check the tents were anchored, lines tight, sleds and poles safely stowed, and saw a stunning sunset at exactly midnight, I’ll attach a photo! For now, more rest and recovery. I just beat Bård in a chess game, buuuut he smashed me in Pass the Pigs, so I guess we’re even! I sense some rematches on the horizon 😉 Mardi
  • Name: camp12
  • Elevation: 2024m
  • Latitude: 66.54861111
  • Longitude: -46.49361111
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