#18: Rest day!

2022-05-29 10:41:30am
Snoozed until 10am, watched some Netflix, had a nap, all the things you do on a rest day! This afternoon we gathered in the bigger tent for a ‘summit party’ seeing as we are camped pretty much at the highest point of our expedition. We drunk whiskey and baileys, and had a primitive charcuterie board of cheese, crackers, butter, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts, etc. (the same food we’ve been eating all trip, but put in the middle grazing style, so fancy!) We played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, listened to music and just hung out for a while, getting to know each other a little better, relaxing blissfully as the wind and snow battered our little shelter. Dinner time eventually came around and so we ventured through the storm back to our tents to start melting snow and boiling water. Lapskaus is on the menu for me tonight, a traditional Norwegian beef and potato dish, freeze dried to perfection of course! The wind is not supposed to ease until mid morning tomorrow, so perhaps another sleep in! ☺️
  • Name: camp18
  • Elevation: 2486m
  • Latitude: 66.33555556
  • Longitude: -44.08138889
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