#16: biggest day yet!

2022-05-27 12:05:40pm
It was a little windy and cold this morning, so I put my goggles on for the first time this trip! I forgot how good goggles are! So cosy! As we skied this morning, there were tiny, almost invisible ice crystals being blown horizontally. As they passed in front of us they would catch the sunlight and flash , thousands of them flickering every second. It was almost like watching an old grainy TV. You can some of the crystals in the photo below! The snow surface was hard today, giving our sleds and skis a little more glide. As a result we covered 25.8km, and we are around 26km from the highest point of the trip, so one more day of skiing. Then it’s all downhill from there! (literally not figuratively 😅) Mardi
  • Name: camp16
  • Elevation: 2418m
  • Latitude: 66.34833333
  • Longitude: -44.59611111
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