#24: Trudging

2022-06-04 08:36:21pm
A slog, that’s what today was! We trudged for hours. I use the word trudge as it invokes feelings of thick mud, and that’s what it felt like we were skiing through! The snow had softened with warmer temperatures, but the firm-ish sastrugi still lay beneath creating a field of undulations to navigate with skis and haul our sleds over. It was a 12 hour day from the start of the first session to the end of the last, 10 hours of which was skiing time. We made 29km, but felt every step of it! In the last session we finally felt the conditions ease a little, the snow becoming a little firmer, the terrain a little flatter. What a relief, hopefully it continues to improve tomorrow! Didn’t even have time to get any photos today, so here’s some snotsicle photos, Nia with a little baby one, and Sherief with a rather elegant one. Mardi
  • Name: camp24
  • Elevation: 1717m
  • Latitude: 66.00055556
  • Longitude: -40.45472222
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