#11: Day 11

2022-05-22 12:11:42pm
We woke up to a dramatic overcast and windy day this morning, which oddly enough was a very welcome change after 10 days of sunshine and blue skies! The halo around the sun provided some exciting visual input compared to the half white half blue view we are so used to. It’s funny, often the wilder the weather the more energised and alive I feel! I seem to really enjoy days that are super windy and cold, where you feel the crazy contrast of the world outside versus the world inside your hood, your ruff fighting off the cold and wind, creating a little haven. Unfortunately It didn’t last long though, and by the afternoon we were back to sunny and blue skies, but hey if that’s the worst I’ve got to complain about then I can’t complain! We are expecting some average weather in the morning, wind and snow, and so we have scheduled a sleep in! The team is delighted by the thought of a well deserved rest. In typical fashion the weather may ease slightly in the afternoon/evening, in which case we will pack up and make some distance if conditions allow. We covered just over 22km and spent much of the day hoping to catch a glimpse of DYE II - an abandoned early warning station- on the horizon. So far nothing, but whoever spots it first gets an as-yet-undetermined prize, so we are of course in fierce competition! Mardi
  • Name: camp11
  • Elevation: 1962m
  • Latitude: 66.58805556
  • Longitude: -46.73027778
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