#3: Fresh snow

2022-05-14 10:51:35am
We woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow, gorgeous to look at -as though we were camped on top of the clouds- but as we found out, fairly tricky to travel through! The deeper snow makes every step take a little more effort, and certainly makes the sled feel heavier. We started the day on crampons again, but the terrain began to flatten out slightly after the first few sessions and we made the switch to skis, woohoo! After a tough morning we enjoyed a nice long sunny lunch break, but just as we were about to begin our next session the clouds came in and visibility dropped. The low contrast light made it tricky to navigate and judge the height and steepness of features. A few times I stood at the top of a small rise, looking down at what looked like a steep drop off, only for Bård to ski up next to me, and ‘off the edge’ down a half a metre gentle slope to flat ground 😅 the light plays tricks on you! When the sun came back out after an hour or two it was a relief, like the blinds had been lifted. There was all of a sudden so much texture and colour in the world around us, that had been invisible just minutes ago! The lumpy terrain is beginning to smooth out a bit in comparison to the first few days, and we think we can see flatness in the distance 🤞We found a nice spot for camp, and settled in for the night. The team is happy and ready for a good nights sleep after a tiring day, in fact I can hear snoring already from the tent next door! Mardi
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