#13: DYE II

2022-05-24 09:20:03pm
Yesterday was a great day! We slept in again this morning, lounging luxuriously in our sleeping bags. We headed out around 2:30 and began skiing for DYE II, a smudge that would disappear and reappear in the snowy blizzard. It was really hard to gauge the size of it, and for the longest time it looked like a little shed with a balloon on top, that we would arrive at after 10 minutes or so of skiing, but we just never seemed to get any closer! After over 3 hours and almost 10km we finally arrived. It. Was. Huge! How to even describe this place… it’s literally like something out of an apocalyptic movie inside. An American early warning station build in the Cold War and abandoned in 1989, like… literally abandoned! There are eggs on the shelf in the pantry, stubs of cigars on the pool table, blueprints and technical handbooks strewn over desks. It was seriously a surreal experience, a derelict step back in time. Once we had finished exploring, we skied about an hour before stopping to set up camp. A sun dog appeared projecting a rainbow right above DYE II behind us, so cool! We are back on for a full day today as the weather has cleared, it’s still and sunny and we are ready to cover some distance! Mardi
  • Name: camp13
  • Elevation: 2224m
  • Latitude: 66.48611111
  • Longitude: -46.26277778
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