#21: Sastrugi

2022-06-01 11:37:24am
No wind this morning, what a relief! Everything felt so calm and quiet in comparison to the last few days. The sun was shining, the snow was firm, what a day! The first two sessions flew by, but on the third we encountered the biggest sastrugi we have had so far. Sastrugi are firm wind-formed ridges on the snow, almost as if the surface of the ice cap was a stormy ocean snap frozen. Imagine skiing across the top of a giant lemon meringue pie, yep, that’s sastrugi! Even more tricky was the fact that we were skiing perpendicular to these ridges, meaning that we had to ski up, down, around, bridge our skis over the gaps, and try not to get our ski tips stuck and trip over. It was tricky terrain, and whoever was in charge of navigation for the session really had to focus on picking an efficient route. We managed to crack 30km today, we are a strong team! We’re expecting the wind to return tomorrow, but that won’t stop us! 💪 Mardi
  • Name: camp21
  • Elevation: 2300m
  • Latitude: 66.17138889
  • Longitude: -42.38111111
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