#4: Day 4

2022-05-15 10:10:00am
Today we emerged from the tents to more fresh snow. The first few skiing sessions were quite tough, the snow creating a fair bit of drag on our sleds. The morning was clouded in, but before long the sun was beating down on us. Many of us were stripped down to just a thermal, and still sweating! My chocolate melted through my bag of snacks for the day, grim! I learned my lesson though, and moved my snack bag to the ‘shady’ side of the sled. Quite a few of the team have brought solar panels, and so we strapped them to the sunny sides of our sleds and charged up through the day. Free power, how good! After the first few sessions, the terrain really flattened out, still slightly uphill, but it felt dead flat compared to the past few days. The redeeming factor of the fresh powdery snow, was that with the bright sunlight it looked as though we were surrounded by a sea of diamonds or mirrors, every snowflake glinting as it caught the sun. Due to tough snow conditions, and a general feeling of tiredness, we finished one session short of our normal 8. We set up camp in a stunning spot, with some beautiful clouds overhead! Tomorrow we may reach a crevassed area where we will rope up together to travel safely through! 😊 Mardi
  • Name: Camp4
  • Elevation: 1007m
  • Latitude: 67.12416667
  • Longitude: -49.43527778
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