#22: Happy birthday Nia!

2022-06-02 12:07:00pm

Another 30km day! The sky was beautiful and clear, we had a tail wind that grew throughout the day, and drift snow that floated across our skis and into the distance.

We set off at 9:30 and skied for four sessions of 75 minutes. Lunchtime came around and we set up the tent for a birthday party, bringing out any goodies still left in our sleds. What a place to have a birthday, in the middle of the Greenland icecap!

Susan had bought Nia some little surprises from the souvenir store in Kangerlussuaq, and managed to smuggle them to me before she was picked up. We wrapped them up in the only paper we could find, packets from chips and noodles, and chocolate wrappers!

The rest of the day went by smoothly, and we arrived at camp in beautiful light, the drift snow still flying low across the ice. We worked together to put up the tents, as the wind was blowing quite hard. We are expecting a windy day again tomorrow, but aiming for another 30kms!

It feels like it might be a cold night, but we are in our sleeping bags full of dinner. As in we are full of dinner… not our sleeping bags 🤔although, in favour of laughing at the misfortune of others, I’ll let you in on a secret. I may have spilled my freeze dried beef stew meal into my sleeping bag the other day, like…most of it. My sleeping bag is now called ‘the beef cave’, and my new nickname is ‘Stewie’, so that’s fun! 😅


  • Name: camp22
  • Elevation: 2108m
  • Latitude: 66.11611111
  • Longitude: -41.7275
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