#34: a different day

2022-03-18 06:35:00am
Snow was pattering on the roof at 6am, by 8 it was blowing hard and visibility dropped. I was keen to move camp but conditions were thwarting us again. From our vantage point we could sea flooding all across Adventdalen and were happy to be high and dry. But with a forecast of 50kn winds later tonight I was keen to find a flat site with good snow depth so we all headed off on skis, leaving our sleds at camp. We sidled the valley flank and found a secluded gully which we explored before returning to the valley and continuing for a couple of km, finding a flat section with deep snow for good anchors, which we’ll need tonight. Returning to our camp we ducked inside tents for lunch before packing up while enjoying spectacular views and light on the opposing mountain tops. Returning to the new site, we pitched a secure camp. With four Irishmen on the team St Patrick’s day would not go uncelebrated and a bottle of Jamieson’s and 4 Irish flags emerged for our toast to St Paddy. We should be in a severe storm by now, waiting…
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